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NYDS needs your support

- Now more than ever -


"I am BRINA!" I had a career-interrupting accident in January 2021 and had an surgery at the end of April. During one of my classes
I tore my cruciate ligament and injured the meniscus several times. So I won't be able to dance for several months!

Covid 19 was and still is a great challenge for us artists, but this accident brings all of my sacrifices and work of the last 5 years in danger! I don't want to let my dream die because of this injury ...

No dance lessons = no income
No income = no more New York
Dance Studio

Please help me keep NYDS - New York Dance Studio alive so I can give my students the opportunity to do what they love most.

If you are unable to donate: that's fine! But you can still support me by sharing with your family, friends and acquaintances.






Thank you so much for your kind support to me, NYDS, and my students.

One love

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