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What I most love about dance is, that you are never done...You can always learn something new & you can always become better!

BRiNA - Founder of NYDS

What's up

- BRiNA's comeback -

Due to an injury during class in January 2021 and a knee surgery in May 2021, I'm still not able to teach regularly. There are no regular Streetstyle classes for the time being. Anyways I'm able to deliver most of my other services again. If you would like to work with me and NYDS please contact me. 

Send me an e-mail:


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- From a dancer for dancers -

I created a unique clothing collection for you. Items, which are super comfy for your training or for the relaxing evening after.
Try them out!

You need some advise? Contact me:

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Sonnenuntergang über Manhattan
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Yellow Cabs

Coaching & Human design

“Your coach BRiNA"


I'm currently writing a new chapter of NYDS & my new coaching business, so more information coming soon!

It will be different, better, cooler and even more powerful than ever before...Stay tuned!


Coaching & Human design