Streetstyle with BRiNA 

the urban dance experience

Streetstyle with BRiNA 

the urban dance experience

“NYDS - New York Dance Studio” offers you a unique urban dance experience!


Sabrina Reyes aka BRiNA (CEO and founder of NYDS) developed her own style using old school hip hop basics as well as new influences from Hip Hop, Dancehall and Afrohouse and a wide variety of other dance styles to create her own. With regular trips to New York and constant self-development trough taking workshops and going to dance camps she is always bringing up new stuff and new styles.


Her main goal is, to teach trough her brand  “NYDS – New York Dance Studio” the newest and hippest trends from New York and bring this unique atmosphere to Switzerland: What survives the tough challenge in New York, is made for the world…and for Switzerland!


The values and main drivers for NYDS and BRiNA are:

passion ¦ courage ¦ discipline.

With these values she will take each student as an individual and take her/him from his level to the next one. Through her journey and experience she learned, that passion for dance is key, but it’s not all. If you really want to evolve as a dancer, you need to try out new things and new styles (courage) and you need to keep going, even if you fail or it is harder than you think (discipline). Only then, you are able to beat your biggest competitor: Yourself!

Join us and let the vibes of NYDS and BRiNA inspire you to become the best version of yourself…


class schedule



Tuesdays 18.45-19.45

First lesson for free!



Tuesdays 20.00-21.00

Private Coaching

Individual schedule possible

First lesson for free!

Semester plan/holiday


Latest students project

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Classes at NYDS

- Goals & content of Streetstyle -

How to switch classes?

  • Individual discussion & decision between student/parents & BRiNA. Can be initiated on both ways

  • Important factors for change: Certain dance level, creativity, pick up level, self-confidence, engagement, commitment to NYDS family

  • No student enters directly to Advanced class



  • Foundation knowledge of Hip Hop, Dancehall and Afrobeats: Music, steps, culture & more

  • Discover body, different movements, possibilities & limits

  • Grow as dancer, gain self-confidence & get out of comfort zone

  • Be able to pick up choreography and perform

  • Be able to create little parts / pieces of choreography after instruction & input of BRiNA

  • Be able to freestyle in your safe environment of the NYDS family

  • Work actively on musicality

Private Coaching

  • Individual work on strengths and weaknesses of your body (like stretching, strength, condition & more)

  • Work on body flow

  • Advanced knowledge of anatomy

  • Dance out of comfort zone (for example theatre education)

  • Work on self-confidence as an individual dancer (do you)

  • Content will be prepared to students wishes (BRiNA creates tailor-made class)

  • Individual projects like professional video shootings and more

  • Musicality development, recognize different elements & styles easily

  • Willing to do homework

  • Available for shows, events & contests



  • Advanced knowledge of Hip Hop, Dancehall & Afrobeats: Music, steps, culture & more

  • Advanced knowledge about dance in general, being able to name different styles and knowing difference between style and technique

  • Work on strong & weak parts of body like stretching, strength & more

  • Constant work and evolving on own style, stay open minded (long life learning)

  • Be able to interpret music on your own, pushing yourself and volunteer explore things out of comfort zone

  • Own elements of dance: Speed, dynamic, room, level and be able to use them. Dance one piece with different emotions

  • Faster pick-up and perform also in front of audience with confidence

  • Be able to create an own choreography

  • Freestyle as part and challenge, constantly developing also out of NYDS family

  • Fusion of dance & theatre/acting

  • Adult content (Wine, Twerk & more)

  • Basic knowledge about anatomy


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