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NYDS & FOREVER Partnership

I'm happy to announce that NYDS is an official partner of Forever Living Products! 

The best out of the Aloe Vera plant...for YOU!

As a dancer, it is crucial to be healthy and in good shape always. Nowadays this is quite a challenge! 

Since over 2 years, I'm using these products in order to improve my health, my immun system and my over-all well being and I became a huge fan of these products. 

Here are my top 3 for you!


I truly love this shampoo and the conditioner. It smells so fruity and yummy! After use your hair is nourished, shiny and easy to detangle. Click on the picture to see more!


This was the first product I bought, and I still use it every day! It became part of my morning routine: Already 1dl a day is enough to strengthen your immun system and support your over-all health. Since I drink this juice I have never been sick again. My favorite taste is "mango". Click on the picture to see more!

How many times this cream already saved my life! As a dancer muscle sorness or a little pian here and there is totally normal. This intellignet cream knows when to cool and when to heat! Use it before bed time and you will stand up the next morning without pain again! Click on the picture to see more!