NYDS values, mission & vision

NYDS values

#passion #courage #discipline

NYDS mission

My mission with NYDS is simple:

· Give dancers the opportunities that I never had (and so much whished for)

· Train and develop my students dance skills, in order for them to be able to fulfill their personal goals & dreams

· Train new and young dance teachers: Give them the opportunity to dive into this job, make their experiences and become a better teacher in all areas

· Be more than only a dance teacher, I want to be a dance coach. I want to have a real impact on their dance journey and in their life. #nydsfamily

· Create a platform for other talented artists such as photographers, videographers, MUA, DJ's etc. I would like to give my #nydssquad a chance to do what they love, grow and learn with NYDS.

NYDS vision

· Become the most powerful and well-known dance coach in Switzerland

· One day the doors to NYDS Academy will open, where we teach students and dance teachers. It should be a place where dancers and artists feel at home. A place where you can be yourself and I can receive you with open arms.

· Work and grow with sponsors like Adidas & Migros

· Create a distinctive apparel brand #nydsapparel